Stanley – Rescued by NELAP!

DSC_0183 Stanley is a big old cat recently rescued by NELAP and given a great home in Massachusetts. He’s a large, healthy tom and weighs about 20 pounds- people say he looks a little like a mountain lion! Please support NELAP in finding good homes for other pets like Stanley.

Saffire – Rescued by NELAP!

SZOvQoiXRMxhE3vD5Lh5qQZIY3NWay2mpTvzegPwFUASaffire is a beautiful and gentle American Bull that was rescued and adopted by NELAP member David Lefort of Providence, Rhode Island. Saffire was found in terrible condition with multiple sores on her back. She was nursed back to health over a period of 4 months and is now a healthy and happy member of David’s family. She literally follows him wherever he goes!
There are many other loving deserving animals like Saffire without homes, please help NELAP rescue more!

BlackJack – Rescued by NELAP!

FVbAFFoXACne7AS1MyC88h6cj-YkGsztkmrXFcaL1dYBlackJack is a strong, healthy tomcat that was rescued and adopted by NELAP right before Thanksgiving! BlackJack was found in Providence roaming the streets looking for food. He was rescued by NELAP, neutered and given full medical treatment. Unfortunately, BlackJack is FIV positive as is true of most stray males but he is healthy and strong and is expected to live a long, happy life! For the first time ever, he spent this Thanksgiving in a warm, loving home!